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Walker Sloan
Mechanical Engineer


Mechanical design and development, from product specification and concept through manufacturing in FDA regulated environments. Interdisciplinary and interdepartmental communication skills. Vendor evaluation and high-tech component sourcing. Analysis of persisting or unprecedented problems. Technology/feasibility studies. AutoCAD.

"Product development today frequently presents problems for which there exist no prior definitions. In these situations, the responsible engineer must become expert where there are no experts. New technologies not only might, but usually do, cross discipline boundaries. Coping with lack of definitions, and working outside of my core discipline is something I often do."


Consulting Engineer - 1994-present
Medical Device Development Exact Laboratories Inc. Maynard, MA

  • Designed and developed equipment, processes and disposables for new cancer screening systems. Feasibility study for fabrication of printed circuits with 10 micron through-hole arrays on 25 micron substrates. P.D. Co-op, Inc. Gorham, ME
  • Specified and designed test/development system for a drug infusion pump system. Invented a precision coil winding tool for coil with concave surface. Surveyed IR Data Link hardware availability. XRE Littleton, MA
  • Wrote specifications for X-ray Beam Collimator and X-ray table. 1990-1994

Principal Mechanical Engineer - Cytyc Corporation Marlboro, MA

  • Engineered core products and supported GMP manufacturing in a Medical Device start-up company Cytyc Corporation Marlboro, MA
  • Held project responsibility for design, development, production and test of disposable TransCyt® filter product utilizing track etched polycarbonate membrane. Co-inventor of assigned patents. Took from concept into manufacturing a microscope slide handling system for the ThinPrep® Processor, a device for preparing cellular monolayer slides. Specified standards for interactive testing of cell pools, filters and ThinPrep® unit. Designed and built multi-sample automation unit with unique safety features. 1990

Consulting Engineer - Optronics Corporation Chelmsford, MA

  • Eliminated problem aspects of laser drum plotter designs Optronics Corporation Chelmsford, MA
  • Eliminated redundant positioning components, solved recording drum mis-registration and drive train vibrations in four different laser drum plotter products. 1984-1989
  • Provided mechanical concepts and design support to state-of-the-art blood pressure metrology research. Joseph Seale Consulting Engineering Gorham, ME
  • Designed and prototyped two-axes sweeping, servo-aimed ultrasonic transducer and arterial vibrator for non-invasive blood pressure metrology, for Critikon/J&J. Did mechanical design and construction of a radial artery external pulse-force transducer incorporating an EKG device to measure blood pressure pulse wave transit time from systole to arrival of the pulse wave at the radial artery. Did preliminary design of transducer for intraocular pressure measurement. 1980-1989

Section Manager - Wang Laboratories Incorporated - Lowell, MA

  • Evaluated OEM mass storage devices for incorporation into Wang product lines
  • Scheduled and managed the evaluation of approximately 20 magnetic optical and microfilm mass storage peripherals. Performed extensive environmental and compliance testing on OEM products. Wrote site vibration analyses for four Wang installations. Created departmental exhibits for two corporate-wide technology fairs. 1982-1984

Principal Mechanical Engineer - 1980-1981

  • Organized and ran R&D program for stored energy dot matrix print head. Evaluated and debugged design of OEM dot matrix print head. Tested ballistic print wire flight using a custom optical/photoelectric shadow comparator and a Norland waveform analysis/programmable digital storage scope. Published article on test methods for ballistic wire dot matrix print heads. 1980-1981

Senior Mechanical Engineer - 1970-1980

  • Started up and managed mechanical design group for disk drives and test equipment

Mechanical Design Engineer - Digital Equipment Corporation Maynard, MA 1972-1980

  • Designed disk products and servo writers
  • Did mechanical design and resonance/stability analysis work on five disk products. Designed and built two disk servo writers utilizing 5 micro-inch actuator technologies, including glass scale, laser inteferometer and differential screw micrometer. Specified and evaluated magnetic recording heads and disk media. Redesigned disk drive when volume grew from 100 to 1200 units per month. Laid out and constructed glass disk system for testing disk head flying height. 1970-1971

Mechanical Engineer Transferred products from design into manufacturing

  • Introduced three disk drive products into manufacturing. Designed and supervised construction of class 100 laminar flow clean room. 1968-1969 Developed disk magnetic head manufacturing techniques and operational flow. Planned and set up manufacturing area.
  • Wind power water pump design and fabrication for New Alchemy, Woods Hole


1968 Bachelor of Science - Physics, MIT, Cambridge, MA

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