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The Davis Collaborative (TDC) is a research and development company that addresses energy and environmental issues.

The Davis Collaborative group is a dynamic mix of research and development companies and individuals. The firms is headed by Richard Ely who provides the organization and management functions for collaborative projects. He is usually responsible for project proposal creation, staffing, and provides a single contact point for project monitoring.

TDC grew out of its members interests in consulting in hydropower, geophysics, wind, conservation activities, and work on energy policy. The company expanded with groups for working on different energy conservation and energy resource development projects. It is associated with Davis Hydro which develops small hydro sites and studies fish herding.  Currently we are involved in a California Project that has large fish genetics, habitat and research components.

A Collaborative Structure

TDC forms project teams with both research or development objectives. These project teams may form separate companies for development purposes, and the structure of the groups and companies formed varies from project to project. Under the TDC umbrella different groups collaborate on different projects as groups of individuals, or as companies formed to work on particular technology. Research projects include publicly and privately funded projects. Most projects have a public interest component and some are done purely in the public interest such as the duct study and most of the fisheries work. We expect to launching a wind projects company Summer of 2011.

Current, and recent TDC projects, include wind power development, wind and water power equipment development, acoustics, internal combustion motor design, solar concentrators, fish herding equipment, and reverse electrodialysis hydrogen generation. These projects are a mixture of private efforts, and public and private funding.

TDC projects have a variety of legal forms so that the researchers can retain different development rights. For example, SBE, LLC, (now defunct) existed through 2007 under TDC to develop small engine electromagnet valves. Davis Hydro does research under TDC to work on fish passage resource, and habitat issues and is currently patenting and studying a fish herding technology. SBE technology was absorbed into Magnesense which more recently has been working with the Collaborative to develop hydrogen generating equipment, electromagnetic valves, and windmill blade stabilization products and sodar. 

With Sackheim Consulting we are playing with developing other California and Nevada wind development projects as Davis Wind, and operating hydro sites in Vermont , Maryland, and New York as Davis Hydro.   A new windmill is in the works.

In 2010, we seem to be into anadromous fish habitat, other fish issues, technology, and genetics, and separately patenting some upper air wind metrology technology.

In summary, the relationship between TDC and the project participants is as varied as the project or intellectual property being developed and the people with the collaborative. A way to understand TDC is to look at the current projects page.

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