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Gary Bergstrom
Electrical Engineer


  • Ohio State University
    Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, 1977

  • Ohio State University
    Graduate student, Department of Astronomy, 1973-1974

  • Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio.
    Bachelor of Arts, Major in Physics, 1973

Job Experience

President - Magnesense, LLC
2000 - Present

  • Co-founded the company with Joe Seale
  • Primary architect for both electronic and software systems
  • Applied for 5 patents, 4 granted so far
  • Presented paper to SAE TOPTEC symposium on flux control of electromagnetic valves

Engineering Consultant to FluidSense, Inc. - a medical infusion pump startup company
1996 - 1998

  • Designed most of the initial electronic hardware
  • Built the initial electronic hardware and some of the mechanical hardware
  • Wrote the initial control code

Consulting Engineer
1988 - present

Partial list of projects:
  • Corneal thickness gauge (pachymeter) for Vision Medical Instruments
    Designed electronic hardware and software for measuring the thickness of a cornea by measuring an ultrasound signal - 1 patent issued
  • Designed analog hardware for BrainMaster Technologies, an EEG measurement company
  • Ferrous metal detection system for Predict DLI
    Redesigned a system used to detect wear particles in used oil from rotating machinery.
  • Wrote the software kernel for a British company (MPE) for their commercial Motorola 68HC12 Forth system.
  • With Joe Seale, designed a magnetically levitate ultrasound system for Nicolet/EME
    1 patent issued
  • Designed hardware for Dallas firm (New Micro's Inc.), including single board data acquisition hardware (16 bit A/D, V20 CPU board, DSP board)
  • Designed and built a video frame grabber/digitizer for NASA Lewis (now Glenn Research Center)
  • Designed embedded hardware and software for lighting control systems for ETA Lighting.
  • Designed and manufactured a 90 channel strain gage system for tire measurement for Goodrich Tire. - complete electronic design/fabrication of amplifiers & filters all the way up to and including the embedded processors that collected the data

Partner/Director of Engineering - Spectrum energy

  • Co-developed battery charging algorithm for lead acid batteries. 1 patent issued.

Director of Software Engineering NEVE/Orion Research Inc

  • Designed hardware and headed 3 person software team that developed a mixing console for the television/video industry
  • Financial problems closed the company in 1991

Partner - Symtrac Corp. specializing in blood pressure monitoring

  • Developed hardware for detection and measurement of ultrasound signals for use in pressure measurements (blood and eye pressures)
  • Support came from Critikon, Inc. (a J&J company) and the NIH.
  • Wrote software to control hardware

Senior Design Engineer - Keithley Instruments

  • Designed a number of products and in-house systems including:
    • 705 Scanner - microprocessor based, IEEE488 controlled switching system
    • 1920 AC to DC Trms convertor for use in top end voltmeters
    • In-house 6809 in-circuit development system
    • 6 ½ digit meltimeter digital hardware/power supply/first pass software design

Senior Engineer -dbx Inc.

  • Designed high end audio equipment in the Boston area. 1 patent issued


I specialize in writing embedded code for 8/16 bit processors and DSP chips. Forth and assembly language are my major languages, but I also write in C, AWK, Fortran, VB, Postscript, LUA and assorted others when required.

Engineering Design

I design analog systems and microprocessor embedded systems. I used CAD tools for pcboard layout, magnetic FEA, Spice (integrated into the schematic capture system I use). In addition I do spreadsheets, graphics, presentations, report writing, and grant proposal writing.

Professional Societies

I am a long term member of the IEEE, a member of the SAE, and a past long term member of both the AES and the ACM.
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