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The Title 24 Project 

Title 24 has saved California some energy. However, it also has forced nearly everyone into tight houses that are difficut lto impossible to naturally cool and heat. Many tend to be unhealthy due to the accumulated mold, and the savings in energy must be offset by the decrease in public health from the lack of air circulation.

Further, and probably as important, a significant portion of the population would prefer to live in a naturally cooled and heated house. Title 24 effectively prevents in many cases due to the reduced window area. While much of the population wants and prefers mechanical air conditioning in a sealed house, the rest of the population is forced into the same pattern due to required house design.

Richard Ely is working on initiatives to correct this tendency in Title 24, while a the same time increasing our use of renewables. See his paper on Zen housing which will solve the problem.

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